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(an attempt at)HUMOR 🤡

A lesson to always trust your intuition

Photo by Max Flinterman from Pexels

One night during my sophomore year of college, I walked home to my apartment from a nearby Starbucks. I took this route routinely around this time. That particular Starbucks had become my ideal spot for late-night studying. It was usually full of students trudging through their respective piles of school work, fueled by the caffeine which caused a rich aroma of coffee to constantly fill the building.

That particular night started off victoriously. I had finished my lab report for OChem way earlier than I thought I would. Pleased with myself, I took one last pitying look at the students…

Kate Moir outwitted her captors, potentially saving dozens of lives

Kate Moir. Image from

The Moorhouse Murders

David and Catherine Birnie are well-known in Australia for their horrific crimes. Over a five-week period, they abducted at least five girls and women between the ages of 15 and 31. These women were held captive in their house couple’s Moorhouse street home. Each moment was nothing short of a living nightmare. They were brutally raped and tortured for days, forced to carry out the couple's sick fantasy of having their own sex slave. Eventually, they would become bored of each of these women. They would murder these women and dispose of their bodies in a national park. …

The lie that our inherent worth is tied to thinness takes on a new form

Photo by Nick Mark Mayer from Pexels

Social media has idolized the “skinny girl” since it began. The glorification of skinny girls, in one way or another, is one of the few consistent themes across social media platforms. In an everchanging online world, apps emerge in a hot second and then fade into oblivion. Just when you earned an enviable Snapchat score, Snapchat becomes obsolete. But one thing manages to remain constant. Whether it’s Tumblr, Instagram, or TikTok: skinny girls get all the likes.

Recently, Pinterest boards titled with variations on the theme of “Outfits I’ll Wear When I’m Skinny” have been trending. They are just what…

The Weepy Voiced Killer was finally caught thanks to one woman’s extraordinary survival instincts

Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash

January 1, 1981

On the first day of 1981 at just 3 am, law enforcement received their first phone call from Michael Stephani. In a high-pitched weepy voice, he reported seeing a badly hurt girl by an empty manufacturing company. He frantically begged the dispatcher to send help. When Saint Paul police officers arrived at the location, they found a young woman lying outside in the snow, beaten nearly to death. The officers who responded to the scene said the extent of her injuries was the worst they had ever seen. Her skull was split open and her brain was visible. Miraculously, she…

Don’t let the fact that you’ve been profusely bleeding for a whole week stop you from catering to the comfort of others

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Disclaimer: The following article is completely satirical. It’s based on my own frustration with trying to find real solutions to my pain and coming across useless responses. So unfortunately, it won’t be helpful at all to anyone seeking real solutions to menstrual cramping.

1. Complain to a Man

I love to complain to random men about painful menstrual cramps. Immediately they will inform you that getting kicked in the balls is way worse. It really puts my own pain into perspective. Suddenly my pain feels so trivial it fades into oblivion. …

And the heroic 14-year-old who stepped up to save the lives of 26 children

Image by EB Pilgrim from Pixabay

The Bus Ride Home That Turned Into A Nightmare

On a Thursday afternoon in July 1976, the students of Dairyland Elementary School’s summer school program went field trip to the city pool. The school bus driver, Ed Ray, was driving 26 students between the ages of 5 and 14 back home after a fun day at the pool. The fun day quickly turned into an absolute nightmare, when Ed spotted a broken-down van on the side of the road. Believing the driver needed help, Ed pulled over.

When he got out to check on the driver, three gun-wielding men wearing pantyhose over their faces jumped out. The men pointed…

It’s ruining entertainment for me.

Photo by Pedro Marroquin on Unsplash

Is there anything left to enjoy?

I’m only human. I rely on TV and music to distract me from life. Predatory men are ruining that, just like they do everything else. They’re not so easy to avoid when consuming any sort of media. Most predators are not like Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly, who wear their predatory behavior like a badge of honor. Most of them are not eventually completely shunned from society as evil monsters like Harvey Weinstein or R. Kelly. If this were the case, it would be easy to ignore men like this.

But usually, the disturbing allegations come as a shock. Lots…

My standards for men are different than they are for my friends.

Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash

One thing I wasn’t expecting about my early twenties, was for all my girlfriends to suddenly be in a rush to meet their soulmates.

We’re all strong independent women. Don’t strong independent women have ambitious career plans and life goals to accomplish before thinking about starting families? Well, it turns out strong independent women who want children, add on plans of starting a family on top of everything else. Just like any other ambitious goal, creating a family requires planning. I just didn’t realize I’ve already reached the age where these plans are being drafted.

My close friend recently shared…

Internment camps were never really about national security

A photograph of a World War I veteran dressed in his navy uniform, arriving at an internment camp in California where he will be incarcerated indefinitely. Photo by Clem Albers, Photographer — U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Public Domain

On February 19th of 1942, less than two months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. This document allowed for the military to forcefully remove anyone with as little as 1/16th of Japanese ancestry from their homes. The order called for all persons of Japanese ancestry to pack their essential items, and report to a designated Civil Control center. Once arrived, they were transported to prison camps known as “relocation centers.”

This order made no exceptions for children, the elderly, or the disabled. The living conditions at most camps were brutal, such as an old…

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